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Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing

Q. Does Metal Roofing Cost More Than A Typical Roof?

A. Metal roofing is a premium home product, and as such, it is likely going to cost you a bit more than you would pay for your standard asphalt shingle roof. However, most metal roofs come with a warranty that is between 30 and 50 years, meaning that most metal roofs are going to last you at least twice as long as your standard roof, and likely even longer as long as you keep it properly maintained. While metal roofing is going to cost you more up front, it is an investment that will likely pay off in the long run.

Q. Will my metal roof match the rest of my home and the other houses in the neighborhood?

A. Most modern metal roofs are made to look like the more conventional roofing materials on the market, just much stronger and more durable. Our custom metal roofs can be built to any specification, and we have a wide variety of different styles, colors, and patterns for you to choose from so you can get the kind of look you want for your home.

Q. How much longer does your average metal roof last than a more typical roof?

A. In most cases, a metal roof lasts at least 2 to 3 times longer than a standard asphalt shingle roof. Most metal roofs average between 30 and 50 years, but can last even longer thanks to the fact that metal roofs can often just be repainted instead of having to be replaced.

Q. Is metal roofing noisier in bad weather than other roofing types?

A. While it would seem like a metal roof would produce more noise than a more standard roofing material, the reality is that there isn't much difference in the amount of noise produced by rain or hail falling on your metal roof when compared to others as your attic insulation is going to absorb most of the sound.

Q. How Does Metal Roofing Stand Up To Bad Weather?

A. Metal roofing is designed to withstand years of abuse from the elements without suffering damage, and does so better than almost any other roofing material on the market today. Most metal roofs carry at least a 140 mph wind rating, and are designed to withstand heavy snow, rainfall, hail, and even fire.

Q. Is a metal roof going to be too heavy for my smaller home or garage?

A. Most homeowners are actually stunned to learn that the average metal roof comes in at about half the weight of your typical asphalt shingle roof, and can be as much as 75% lighter than concrete tile or fiber cement shakes or slate. In terms of weight, it is extremely rare for metal roofing to present you with any problems that other roof types wouldn't already cause.

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