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4 Advantages Of A Standing Seam Metal Roof For Your Home

standing seam roof advantages

In recent years, standing seam metal roofing has become a much more popular option among homeowners all over the country, and for good reason. Standing seam metal roofing is a distinctive type of metal roofing that is characterized by the interlocking seams that joins each row of panels vertically, with individual fasteners joining each panel to one another horizontally, and while it might not seem like it, there are actually a number of very distinct advantages to utilizing this particular type of metal roofing on your home over standard asphalt shingles. To help highlight exactly what a few of these advantages are, our team of skilled New Hampshire metal roofing manufacturers have taken the time to put together this short list for your reading pleasure. We hope you will take a few short minutes to read through and give us a call so we can help you design and fabricate your home's next metal roof.

They Have Fewer Seams

Because there is only one seam across the top where the panels are hung, there are fewer seams overall on the surface of your roof, which means that water has much fewer points of possible entry into your home. While the individual panels of a standing seam metal roof are fastened horizontally, they are fasted together at raised intervals, forming small ridges along your roof's surface which make it nearly impossible for water to seep in between these areas. With fewer accessible seams across the surface of your roof, especially when compared to standard asphalt shingles, your home is well guarded against moisture intrusion and attic leaks.

More Durable

As you would expect from metal roofing of any kind, standing seam rooftops are much more durable than their asphalt shingle counterparts, and provide you with a much more resilient surface that can withstand high winds as well as storm conditions. While wind, rain, and hail typically won't leave a mark on your standing seam metal roof, heavier impacts, like heavy tree branches and such can still leave dents that might require a bit of care, but still won't suffer the same kind of catastrophic damage that you would see with an asphalt shingle roof.


As you would probably expect, standing seam metal roofing is highly durable, and with proper paint touch-ups every so often, your new metal roof could easily last you up to 50 years. When you compare this to the average of 15 years for traditional asphalt shingle rooftops, it is easy to see that there really is no comparison. Additionally, if you are interested in a new standing seam metal roof for your home, it is a good idea to check with your insurance company, as many companies offer discounts on your monthly premiums if you have a standing seam metal roof in place.

Energy Efficient

One big advantage standing seam metal rooftops have over traditional asphalt shingle roofs is that they can be painted to enhance their sun reflexivity, helping to keep the interior of your home cooler and enhancing the energy efficiency of your home overall. This can be a big help during the summer when things heat up and you find yourself having to use your air conditioning system more than you would like.

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